GFAS Leistungen

GFAS Products and Services

We develop and produce electric motors and generators with a performance range up to 5kW with integrated frequency converters.

Synchronous Technology:

For applications with high torque requirements up to 2,5Nm find your solution within the motors of our product line PMI (Permanent-Magnet Integrated Motors).

The PMI-Motor is a 14-pole EC external rotor. Thanks to GFAS technology it's a compact power drive pack with an integrated converter - ready to be mounted. More about PMI motors...

Asynchronous Technology:

For performance at high speed or high torque at low speed - our product line ASI (Asynchronous ingegrated motors) can be adopted to both! The converter also is completely integrated.Generators and drive system of the ASI line cover a performance range up to 5 kW and work with secure low-voltage for more simplicity and security in machinery engineering. More about ASI motors...

Customised Drives:

In a close collaboration with our customers we develop customised drives and generators on the basis of the GFAS converter technology. Learn more...