GFAS Leistungen

PM-Integral Motors

PMI-Motors are  14-pole EC external rotor drives

  • designed for highest torque requirements
  • at minimal losses
  • in a compact form.

Thanks to GFAS Synchronous Technology the converter's dimensions are so small that it can be integrated into the motor housing.

Optionally, we can fit the drive unit in an industrial profile for easy mounting and cooling.
PMI drives and generators stand out due to their following characteristics:

  • 14 poled rotor with neodym magnets
  • integrated frequency converter
  • torque control
  • (optionally) profile housing for easy mounting and cooling
  • diameter of 64-90mm
  • nominal rotation speed of 400-8000 rpm
  • nominal torque of 400 mNm - 2,5 Nm
  • performance range up to 1,0 kW

Find here a detailed data sheet about the PMI 64 drive (only in German).