GFAS Leistungen

Integral Design

The integral design of our frequency inverters need only little volume - that little, that we flange them directly and inline on the motor itself.

  • no  junction boxes on the outside are hindering
  • ressources are saved and efficiency is increased
  • no cable with alternating current leads to the outside, only low electromagnetic interferences are emitted and only little EMC protection is needed.
  • electric drive and the frequency converter form a unity and fit optmally to each other.
    no need to do extensive parametrisation for adaptation to the dedicated application
  • frequency converter uses the cooling system of the motor, additional housing parts and separated cooling systems are not required.


Converter Technology

In our motors, high electrical current is divided up to several power transistors. This enables a higher motor current and leads to

  • maximum torque density and high efficiency in performance
  • reduction of weight, construction volume and material

We focus on secure low voltage between 6 and 2x42 V in a power range between 1 and 5 kW. Due to this focus, we need less isolation material and keep the creepage distances small. Construction space is saved, and the lower switching peaks are good for the durability of the electric drives. And should an accident or other damage happen, the low voltage is at least not dangerous for users, operators or maintenance personnel.

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